Can This Be A True Correlation Between Mobile Phone And One Health.

After many years of rumor a recently announced report has shown that excessive use of Mobile Phones can effect your health, and the ability to have children. A Study by the Reproductive Research Center at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio suggests that Mobile Phone use can have a direct effect on the male sperm count, and ability to reproduce. Probably one of the most damming reports to have been produced into Mobile Phone use, and the potential side effects.

The Study was carried out in Mumbai, India specifically because the Mobile Phone craze has yet to effect all areas of society in the country. Of the 364 men studied, it was shown that those who used Mobile Phones at least four hours a day were most effected by the microwaves emitted from the devices. It was shown to reduce the number of sperm produced by the body, as well as reducing the quality and mobility of the sperm by almost half. A truly shocking statistic, bearing in mind the popularity of Mobile Phones throughout the world.

The detailed analysis highlighted a reduction in sperm count from 86 million per milliliter, down to some 50 million per milliliter in heavy Mobile users. Clinical tests also showed a direct relationship between Mobile Phone use and the overall health of the sperm.
This report is just the latest in a long list of clinical trials attempting to find a correlation between various health issues, and excessive Mobile Phone use. The overall picture is very mixed, with various studies showing different results :-

January 2006
A team of researchers from Leeds University studied the effect of Mobile Phones on the brain, with particular emphasis on the relationship between microwaves and brain tumors / brain cancer. The study involved 966 diagnosed with Glimoa (the most common form of brain tumors) and 1,716 without the condition, in five different areas of the UK.
The participants were asked to detail their Mobile Phone patterns for the previous 10 years and the results compared against their particular health backgrounds. In summary the study found that there was no direct link between Mobile Phone use and the development of brain tumors.

Surprisingly they did find that there appeared, on the surface, to be indications that people who developed brain tumors seemed to develop them on the side of the head where they used their Mobile Phones. However, the connection was the quashed with scientists explaining biased reporting by various parts of the media to back up claims of health issues.

April 2006
A similar study carried out in Sweden produced results directly in contradiction of the earlier UK report. Researchers at the Swedish national Institute for Working Life studied a group of 2,200 Mobile Phone users, and identified an alarming link between Mobile Phone use and brain tumors.
The study found that there was a 240% increased risk of developing brain tumors, depending upon the level of use. The researchers also believe that there is a link between early use of Mobile Phones and the increased risk of serious illness.

So what is the real story?
The problem with the many research results released is that the parties all seem to have some degree of bias, whether they are trying to prove there are links, or trying to prove that Mobile Phones are not harmful. There is also the issue of biased reporting in the media, with many publications trying to cast doubt on one anothers reports and conclusions.

After stripping away the many biases which are obvious in many of these studies, it seems likely that excessive Mobile Phone use may have an effect on your health. Whether the microwaves emitted from today Mobile Phones can actually have a serious effect is still uncertain, but it pays to be aware of the potential risks.
Recent developments in Mobile Phones should help in the future, with many handset manufacturers now working on increasing various protections for the user. In the ever evolving world of Mobile Technology the requirement for ever stronger power supplies has highlighted the necessity for increased protection, although to be fair, it does appear that the Mobile Phone manufacturers are responding positively .

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